A Party for the Absinthe-Minded...












Saturday 9th of August 2008:





Party Saterday 17th of November 2007:

Party Saterday 8th of September 2007:

Party Saterday 5th of May 2007:

Where: Akhnaton, Nieuwezijds Kolk 25, 5 minutes walk from Central Station!

The New Akhnaton looks great: purple, red, black, chesterfield couches everywhere, darker, more wood, wonderful....!

So....: We're back to where the Medusa party started!

We shall start with a CINEMANIA downstairs, where you can relax on a Chesterfield couch, smoke your pipes or cigars, sip your absinthe, and have a bite from some of our hors d'oeuvres....

Upstairs you will find several MARKET stands.

Lateron there will be several PERFORMANCES:

Furthermore, dj's IDAN (from the band Sophya) and Rep. G. Host (from Undergarden) shall spinn their tunes for us!!

We will have ABSINTHE for you all to drink... sprinkeld with Icewater from a brand newly imported Absinthe Fountain from France...
Hope to see you all, for some of you it will be NOSTALGIA...!!

Kindest Regards,